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Rustin crée l’événement au salon Innotrans de Berlin

In the rail rolling stock industry, many year of experience is the key for a better and safer business. The very highest degree of regulation for flame resistance, sound insulation, safety device, for local transportation through regional and long distance traffic to high-speed services with a worldwide reliability for our rubber sealing system is already a real world for RUSTIN,

As a leading system supplier we have been active in designing and manufacturing rubber solutions in low-smoke fire-resistant compounds for and together with our customers for more than 80 years. The very highest degree of technical precision is the focus of our product development work. We do provide customer-oriented solutions

RUSTIN’s rubber compounds for fire resistant seal is a new dimension into safety for the people, with a full compliance to the EN 45 545-2.


Our customers’ issue

We are all guilty of getting frustrated when traversing the huge underground network that connects the oldest subway capital city like London, Paris, and transports millions of people each day !

While frustration and stress are sometimes called for, here’s something that’ll make your journey through the underground easier.

Introducing new modern signalling systems, delays due to signal, security and door failures will be reduce, making the life for passengers more fluid with a reliable service.

Because in mass transportation, everyday matters.

Our product & technology

On the platform, the passenger will know immediately the status of the current operation of the door.

Each door will provide it’s own status by an individual signal. Green – system is on and open, red flashing – the door security system is on and the door will close, white, the system is locked.

Easy and modern signalling will improve the walk through the carriage, helping to ease the access and extra demand at peak time.



Our innovation in action

New rubber door sealing system with security loop and signalling system

EN 45 545 compound with LED system and Sensitive edge a new dimension in safety for the people.

A propos de RUSTIN

RUSTIN, La passion du caoutchouc en héritage depuis 1903. Entreprise de conception, développement et production de caoutchouc.